Sabah is a picturesque state of Malaysia

Sabah is a picturesque state of Malaysia; one of the thirteen that make up the whole country. This eastern most state is best known for its natural tropical beauty, a far reaching history and its art culture. Surprisingly, it is also known as the land below the wind, because of its closeness to the typhoon region of Philippines. Over the years, the popularity of this beautiful place has risen drastically, especially since people are looking for newer places to enjoy their vacations. From all around the world, people are also flocking to make this state their home due to the tranquility and the ever increasing number of reputed universities and colleges. Hence, for peace and nature lovers, this place is a must visit, and for those looking for a permanent solution to their unsettling life, this is their new home.

The flora and fauna of this beautiful state is no different to that of a tropical paradise. The western part of it mainly consists of mountains with forest vegetation but the elevation is not too high. The mountains are also home to kinabalu National park that is host to an array of wild animals in rainforests. The park has a unique geographical advantage such that a huge mix of plants exists in the region and is therefore also a world heritage site. The mountains also give way to a number of small and medium sized rivers and streams that snake their way towards the sea. This abundance of fresh water makes the region extremely fertile and keeps things is flow. The greenery and the wilderness attract thousands of tourists around the world.

Sabah is also known to have a rich history although not too old, because this place was primarily a forest area. The state has been under numerous occupations until the mid 20th century. These takeovers were done primarily by the United Kingdom, Japan, Brunei and finally Malaysia. These countries have has a lasting effect on this small state’s culture and food. Everything is a mix of these countries and what they brought with them. Now however, due to globalization and the works, everything and every food is very widely available. Tourist organizations make good use of the little old architecture that holds historical or cultural importance hence making it a complete package for the foreign visitors.

Away from the forests and historical places are the main metropolitan areas that are filled with shopping plazas and retail stores. Foreign brands and businesses have their shops here too, so any visitors or the residents do not have any inconvenience. Wide highways and clean roads make everything very appealing to the eyes. For those people, who especially want to make this place their home, beautiful neighborhoods are constructed near blue coastal areas making it a dream life for anyone. The beautiful Kota Kinabalu City is one such example that is filled with constructions that people can ready by to settle in. Not only are complete villas and homes available, but also apartments and condos located near the coast line.

Besides residential beaches, special tourist beaches are also developed with a wide number of restaurants there to cater to different people. A lot of these are also located quite away from the city traffic to give it a more natural look. The beaches are perfect to relax after a long day touring.
Whether its city life, natural life or water life, Sabah is the one place that is completely loaded with surprises. It offers the best weather, beauty and places to see. So for those who are tired of their busy lives, it is time for a long, long vacation.

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