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Sabah the heart of the Borneo and the Island that has plenty to offer to its visitors is gaining popularity day by day among the tourists worldwide.
Many people visit a place to get away from the weather that they are living in and if you are one of those, who want to make a trip to an island which has one of the best weather conditions. As it has an equatorial weather, thus it never gets real hot or outlandishly cold in the State of Sabah. People who are in real need of weather change needs to put this place on their map of must visit places.

Scrutinizing each month according to the weather, we come across the fact that from October to February is mostly rainy season and the rest of the year is considered rather dry. It is mostly said that the season is one of the main reasons to put under high consideration when it planning a trip to Sabah. So do check with Sabah local weather condition reporters or make an online estimate of the weather, so that your vacation is not ruined.
Sabah is also renowned for its eco-tourism. According to the statistics, Sabah had almost 2000,000 tourists visiting it in 2006. It has six national parks and one of the most talked about national park is Kinabalu National Park and it was given the title of World Heritage Site in 2000. Another great attraction that Sabah has to offer to the people worldwide is the wild life adventures. Tourist can see different species which are managed under great surveillance by the wildlife conservationists and protectionists.

Different representation of the culture of Sabah by different sorts of practices, such as local dances is another quite distinctive attraction for its visitors. The most famous one goes by the name of Daling-daling, this basically includes the mixture of belly dancing and Indian dancing steps in one form and creates some original dancing steps that would make an exquisite form of traditional dance for the tourists to see and enjoy.

The high mountains of Sabah have a story of their own to tell to the tourists from around the globe. Sabah is the holder of some of the world’s tallest mountains and one of them is Mount Kinabalu and holders the record of the highest mountain in south-East Asia.

If you are still unconvinced and want to gather more information about Sabah and making your trip to the island of wonders than logging on to the official Sabah tourism website would be the best option for searching through all sorts of items that this palace has to offer. This site allows the users who are going to visit Sabah for the first time many friendly links, including what the air fare charges for making a trip to this Malaysian Island. All the routes and connecting flight details are mentioned on the site. A point to mention here is that direct flight to Sabah is only available from other Asian countries. Also other links on the website telling about the culture and what to expect from the people of Sabah upon arriving in the locality is available to the user. Internet is always the best of ways to plan your journey in the most efficient way, with all the knowledge about the most popular places to visit and what to do and not to do in a foreign county plus other details that would be useful to make ones vacation a memorable one.

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